Courage-Bank – The next big thing in FinTech?

It happened on Apr 7th. I fell in love with the petrol station of courage. @haraldschirmer, who shared this on Twitter is guilty. I left a like and re-tweeted. Done! But it still sticks. Werner contacted me on XING, a German business social network and since then we are exchanging ideas and thoughts about the courage-bank.

Yesterday I finally figured out what attracts me to courage bank. It’s the financial analogy. One of my beliefs is that in near future money will loose its importance a bit. Other “currencies” will take over. You might have heard the buzzword sharing economy!? Many of us do have enough money to finance their basic needs. You might disagree for good reasons. There are still countries where people are living in poverty and can’t fulfill their needs. But many of you do live a quite enjoyable life.

What’s missing these days is different stuff. It is courage or for some it might be time. This is where many of us have a big need.


So what do we need in future when we want to do these alternative transfers? Don’t we need an infrastructure for this? First sharing platforms are growing already. So why shouldn’t there be platforms or even a whole “financial industry” for courage? Some methods can be easily applied:

  • Wire transfer of courage – online from person to person
  • If you need a lot? Do Crowdfunding!
  • The ATM offers courage cash. Real courage from real persons.
  • ETF plans – share some courage on a regular basis and get returns!

What do you think? Stupid ideas? Crazy? Or long needed? You got ideas for the courage bank? Let us know! Looking forward to your comments…

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